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Welcome to Archie’s Adventures

Every book is so much more than a story...

My name is Stephanie Harrison and I am really excited to introduce you to my fun series of children’s illustrated stories. Each exciting adventure features Archie the dog, and his friend Berrybug who meet some very interesting characters!

The stories unravel, sharing insights which can empower children, supporting their mental and emotional health and well-being along the way.

In Archie’s Adventures in a Yumscrubbilydumptious World!, Archie and Berrybug experience some very unexpected happenings. Through the story Archie and Berrybug learn that we all experience the world differently and that’s okay!

In Archie’s Adventures with the Flying Fluppertyupperties!Archie and Berrybug meet new friends and face challenges throughout their adventure and together they learn a strategy of making empowered choices!

Archie’s Adventures are engaging books of purpose that bring to life my passion of empowering children of all ages.

The positive messages and feedback I have received since the Archie’s Adventures series was launched has been amazing. It is wonderful to hear about the positive impact that these stories are having!

My Books


This is Archie, my best friend, who was the inspiration for the leading character of the book. Archie is cheeky, curious and loves an adventure - just like Archie in the story. 

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