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Stephanie with Archie!

Hello, I'm Stephanie...

When I was little, I loved reading adventure stories and I have always remained that big kid at heart. When I had the idea of writing Archie’s Adventures stories, it meant that I could combine my love of stories with my mission of empowering children across the world!


My many years of training, experience, and knowledge working as an NLP trained Empowerment Coach, Therapist and Nurse have created the solid foundation on which the stories are built resulting in books that are so much more than a story.

I have created the WOW page, (Words of Wisdom page), within each book as an opportunity to provide time and space to develop further understanding and deepen conversations between the child and adult. My aim is to emphasise the metaphors and learnings from the stories, establishing firm foundations in the child’s life that can continue to evolve, sowing seeds of knowledge along the way.

I believe that how we all connect to books is important including how the books feel therefore every story has been printed on paper that feels like silk.

Each book really does feel so nice!!!

Talking of book production, supporting the environment is something that I am passionate about, and for this reason careful thought has been given to the sustainability of the printing process. The paper is made from recycled paper with FSC® certification and the ink is vegetable-based.

I love an adventure and finding fun in everything I do!


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