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What a journey!

It seems such a long time since the first seeds of inspiration came that resulted in Archie's Adventures in a Yumsrubbilydumptious World! It was an incredible feeling seeing how thoughts became words on a page and the story came to life. It is so exciting because the message of the book is so important for everyone to receive. We are all different and that is okay!

This is Archie, Stephanie's family dog, who is the inspiration for the main character in Archie's Adventures.

Here are a few pictures that show something of the process...

The first picture shows the process of drafting and setting out ideas on the page...

many hours followed!!!

The next pictures show the development of the illustrations by Sarah-Leigh Wills.

The hours of reviewing and developing was worth it! From a few lines and arrows and playing with words we have a really special story...

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